Building Studies

Solid Waste Management

P.v.K Group offers complete solutions and services combining aesthetic design. Applying every new technology and technological trend, we design modern and classical buildings, following all required bioclimatic principles of design in order to save energyand money.

It is staffed by engineers of all specialities, urban planners, architects of interior design and covers all ranges of projects. We can take up the syntax of a study or the combination of study, administration and construction of the project.

Projects can be large, like design of a whole urban territory, or small like design of building elements. Design choices and desicions are taken always based on their exact implementation capability and financial and timeline planning of project.

Our project archive covers a wide range of different users from houses and hotels, detached houses, home buildings, offices, shopping centers and shops, small industries ?a? large industries, multi-purpose buildings to education and cultural centers.

Group's structure is developed in a way that can ensure the accomplishment of a perfect design outcome and the implementation of projects of high technical and aesthetic requirements. Target of each study is to embody creatively all operational requirements of every project, it's environmental awareness, aesthetic quality, new materials and top technology.

Our affiliates have been awarded with distinction in architecture competitions, from UN and UIA at «HABITAT II» of UN in civic center revitalization, in Istambul and have achieved professional recognition.

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